Phonological Short-term Memory and L2 Reading Comprehension: A Case of Iranian EFL Learners

شناسنامه علمی شماره


Assistant Professor in Department of English Faculty of Foreign Languages, The University of Isfahan


This study examined the role of phonological short-term memory (PSTM) in L2 reading comprehension at three proficiency levels. For this purpose, overall 140 EFL learners were employed at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. They were all studying English as a foreign language in a private language school. All participants completed an English non-word recognition task, as a measure of PSTM. They also completed measures of reading proficiency, including a cloze test, a short- answer comprehension test, and a reading recall test. The data at three proficiency levels were collected and analyzed. The results of this study indicated that PSTM may employ a different type of cognitive resources and this is consistent at three different proficiency levels suggesting that proficiency level cannot play a  role between PSTM and L2 reading comprehension.