Investigating the Processes of Dissimilation and Insertion in Sistani Balochi Dialect Based on Generative Phonology

شناسنامه علمی شماره


1 Assistant professor, University of Zabol

2 Associative Professor, Tarbiat Modares University

3 Associative Professor, Sistan and Baluchistan University


The purpose of this research is to study the processes of dissimilation and insertion in Sistani Balochi Dialect based on Generative Phonology. A central idea in the theory of Generative Phonology is to find the underlying representation of phonemes according to the phonetic representation. In order to ensure the reliability of the data, a data corpus was collected from 50 SB speakers.The results show that the phonological process of dissimilationoften occurs between two phonemes of /l/ and /r/ because these two sounds belong to the same natural class. In addition, the results show that the process of insertion occurs both in consonants and vowels. Consequently, it causes the change of syllable structure and re-syllabification in SB. Insertion may occur in word-initial, word-medial and word-final positions.