On the Relationship between Constructivist Classroom Environment and the Development of Translation Competence: A Study of Iranian Translation Studies Students

شناسنامه علمی شماره


1 Assistant Professor, English Department, Kashmar Higher Education Institute, Kashmar, Iran

2 Gonabad Office of Education


Constructivism, the cognitive meaning making theory, is still of interest among academics. It plays an important role in translation competence of translation studies students. However, few studies have been conducted to reveal a significant relationship between these two. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between the translation competence and constructivist classroom environment. A sample of 300 translation studies students were selected randomly. Two used instruments were Constructivist Translation Classroom Environment Survey (CTLES) and Translation Competence Questionnaire(TCQ). The results showed that the higher the students of translation studies constructivist classroom environment (CCE), the higher their translation competence (TC). Accordingly, there is a significant positive relationship between the students TC and CCE.